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Staff recruitment in a nutshell


Our task as international recruitment consultants focuses on two areas: We acquire vacant positions provided by employers and are also constantly expanding our database of potential candidates. Our recruitment agency is specialised in placing skilled and executive employees in the hotel, gastronomy, cruise and tourism sectors. Our recruitment agency creates a placement profile for every job offer, compares this with our data on existing candidates and carries out a profiling procedure to determine the right candidate for you. As recruitment consultants, our objective is to initiate a contractual agreement between the employer and the candidate with regard to an employment relationship, which is beneficial to both parties.


The recruitment agency is usually paid by the employer. That’s why the job profile and profile of requirements take centre stage for our recruitment consultants.


As a recruitment agency we meet the high demands placed upon us by companies and candidates. Our job description requires us to remain neutral and to maintain a professional distance from individual cases at all times. Recruitment consultants stand out due to their many attributes such as their strong communication skills, willingness to travel, quick grasp of matters, excellent self-organisation and time scheduling abilities. Our staff are experts in contract law, employment law as well as marketing and public relations.


As recruitment consultants we work on results-based fees. This means that we only receive a fee if recruitment has been successful and if the position has also been successfully occupied.

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